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Where is your water from?

  • Municipal Water Supply
  • Well
  • Lake / Lagoon
  • Cisterna
  • The sea
  • Rivers

What's in your water?

  • Bacteria - e. coli, other coliforms
  • Virus
  • Parasites - Giardia, Cryptosporidium
  • Pesticides
  • Fecal material
  • Algae
  • Drugs dissolved in water
  • Solid - salts, minerals, heavy metals
  • Suspended solids, soil, sediment

How a filtration systems works?


The ultra-filtration separates contaminants by molecular size and weight.

Reverse Osmosis removes contaminants and separates dissolved solids (salts, minerals, metals and others).

Both Reverse Osmosis and Ultra Filtration create a barrier to remove contaminants.

Porosity is extremely small in Reverse Osmosis and a little bigger in Ultra Filtration.

The size of the porosity affect the amount of pressure to push water through the membrane and therefore the power usage.

ultra filtracionUltra Filtration

  • Barrier against contaminants.
  • Removes bacteria, viruses, parasites, pesticides, drugs, algae, dirt, sediment and other suspended solids.
  • Requires little energy.
  • Ideal for lakes, streams, wells.
  • No seawater or brackish.

Reverse Osmosis - Definition

  • Water under high pressure is pressed against the surface of a dense membrane.
  • The water molecules diffuse through the membrane, leaving the concentrated salts, ions and contaminants behind.

ultra filtracion 1

osmosis reversa processReverse Osmosis - How does it work?

  • Removes dissolved salts, minerals, metals and sugars.
  • Removes algae, bacteria, virus, parasites, pesticides, medications, earth, sediments and other suspended solids.
  • The best method to produce pure water.
  • Method viable only for large volumes of brackish or seawater.
  • Intensive energy use.
  • Requires pre filtration.

reverse osmosis membrane




Ultra Filtration


Reverse Osmosis

  • Designed for non-potable water
  • UF provides a physical barrier against organisms
  • Removes 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses
  • A simple test validates the performance integrity
  • Low energy requirement
  • Has passed the examinations EVP / EVT
  • For high filtration capacity
  • Very simple to install and maintain
  • Produces crystal clear water
  • Drinking water with good taste


  • Designed for DESALINATION of brackish water or seawater
  • Provides a PHYSICAL BARRIER to contaminating organisms
  • Concentrate from system is WASTE stream
  • A SIMPLE TDS test to validate
  • RO has HIGH ENERGY requirement
  • Best for labs, hospitals or HIGH PURITY applications
ultra filtracion  


Our Equipment and Systems

water marker

Solar Water Maker CUF-2500

  • Technology: photovoltaic (PV) solar primary energy source with alternative 12-24V batteries.
  • Requires no fuel burn.
  • Produces up to 2,500 gallons per day (GPD), based on a production rate of 1.7 GPM/24 hours.
  • Works fed very low water pressure. It can also be fed by gravity from a source of high water.
  • Packaged in carrying case with wheels.
  • Lightweight, easy to transport and install.

solar waterHow many water bottles can the Solar Water Maker replace?

  • 5,000 ½ gallon bottles  = 10,000 1 liter bottles de per day
  • 35,000 ½ gallon bottles = 70,000 1 liter bottles de per week
  • 140,000 ½ gallon bottles = 280,000 1 liter bottles de per month
  • 1,680,000 ½ gallon bottles = 3,360,000 1 liter bottles per year

Solar Water Maker 15-20K – U.F.

Filtration Features:

  • 99.9999% removal of bacteria, viruses and parasites
  • High capacity Nano pre filter
  • (3) 4” x 40” hollow fiber ultra filtration modules
  • Carbon block post filtration
  • Disinfecting chemical injection with variable feed control (0.2-2 ppm chlorine)
  • Automatic UF backwashing; cycle starts when flow rate drops to preset rate
  • Automatic UF membrane integrity testing
  • Flow meters and Inlet/Outlet pressure gauges


Solar Panel Features:

  • 8 solar panels, 1440 watts maximum output
  • Advanced solar materials for high conversion efficiency
  • Ridge-style construction withstands high wind pressure with drain holes for precipitation
  • Easy plug and play electrical connections
  • Adjustable tilt angle for seasons
  • Hydraulic assist when raising array rack
  • Solar array folds flat for shipping or storage


paneles solares

The Water Maker Solar UF system is designed to support large scale disaster relief or humanitarian assistance efforts. The ultra filtration membrane system will produce up to 20,000 gallons (75,000 liters) of drinking water per day depending on weather and solar isolation factor. It is equipped with batteries for additional capacity and when sunlight is limited. The system can also utilize power inputs from wind turbines, generator sets or a traditional power grid.


Portable SWRO - Seawater Desalination System



  • 500 GPD seawater desalination.
  • portable SWRO - seawater desalination system built into rolling case.
  • External submersible pump draws water from seawater or brackish source.
  • System operates at a low 80-120 psi pump pressure.
  • Internal brine energy recovery pump pressurizes the membrane vessel for high TDS desalination.
  • DC power from batteries, fixed solar panels or flexible solar blankets.
  • AC power or AC generator with included DC converter.
  • External quick connect parts and gauges.





Model Number CSW-500
Capacity (GPD) 1,500
Membrane Type Thin-film, 2.5” x 21”
Number of Membranes 2
Membrane TDS Rejection 99.50%
DC Electrical Supply 48 volts, 9 amps (Max 50 volts)
AC Electrical Supply 300 watts (Max 600 watt s)
Pump Lorentz sumergible
Dimensions 32.5” x 20.5” x 13.5”
Weight 85 lbs.
. .




  • Disaster relief
  • Humanitarian assistance
  • Brackish water desalination
  • Temporary shoreline encampments
  • NGO staff support
  • Dockside water vending
  • Seasonal remediation of seawater


outpost-sSistema Solar Portable de Filtración OUTPOST - S

This portable, Multi - Powered Water Purification System is for Remote Applications. The system has the capabilities of producing cleaner and safer drinking water from almost any creek, stream, pond, well, lake or most any fresh water source at a maximum volume production rate of approximately 300 gallons / 1110 liters per hour where water purification is impractical or unattainable. The approximate daily water production from the Outpost S  relies on the 2 different electrical power sources, Solar / Battery or the Auxiliary 12 volt DC. This system can operate from a 120 volt AC or 220 volt 50 Hz Power Source using an extra piece of equipment.

Portable Water Purification System - RESPONDER-S

This system has the capabilities of producing cleaner and safer drinking water from almost any creek, stream, pond, well, lake or most any fresh water source at a volume production rate of 1 gallon (3.7 liters) per minute where water purification and electrical power are impractical or unattainable. The daily water production from the solar battery mode is up to 100 gallons (370 liters) per day. For continuous water purification production a 15 ft. long, 12-volt electrical power cord is provided with a cigarette lighter plug and battery jumper cable clips that can be plugged into any car, truck, boat, plane, generator or any 12-volt electrical power supply source.

villager s6s 4Stationary Water Purification System - VILLAGER S6-4

This system is a wall mount system and is completely automatic that can take its water from a river, lake, well, or holding tank systems and produce approx 6 gallons / 22 liters per minute x 60 minutes = 360 gallons / 1,322 liters per hour x 3 hours = 1,000 gallons / 3,700 liters in a 3 hour period. This system will use a solar / battery powered 12-volt system to supply its electrical power needs. Whenever the sun is shining, the solar system will always be recharging the battery, even when the water treatment system is working. This system comes as a turn-key package. It is designed for easy installation as all of the wiring is pre wired and plumbing is pre-plumbed and all that needs to be done is hang the water treatment system on the wall in a convenient location.


Water and Power Mobile Center - AQUATENDER SWP-1


Aqua Tender™ SWP-1 is manufactured in Nevada, USA Can be deployed World Wide with U.S. or International Voltage  Delivered to your Door in the U.S., Worldwide shipping available Response time almost immediate and there is no need to gather and organize additional supplies, everything is include for the operation
Supply 5000 people every per day with approx. 1 gallon / 3.7 liters of clean and safe drinking water from most rivers, lakes, flood waters, broken water mains or from most any freshwater sources during the disaster Turn-key Water and Electrical Power System for Operational Command Post before, during and after an emergency or disaster relief operation.
No outside electrical power required to operate



  • Pump has the capabilities  of 200 ft/61 meters max depth at 15-20 gpm “doh”
  • Filtration down to 3 microns, 4-5 years before changing consumables.
  • Activated Carbon will absorb, reduce or remove Herbicides, Pesticides, Trihalomethanes (THMs), certain Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs), Chlorine and By-Products, Sediment, Bad Taste, Odors, Color, Smell, and many other Harmful Chemicals and Contaminants.
  • Uses Clean, Safe and Natural UV light rays that have the ability to kill the Micro-organisms to a 99.999 % purity. No Chlorine required
  • This Ultraviolet System is ideal for killing Bacteria, Viruses Giardia Lamblia, Cryptosperidium, Entamoeba and Toxoplasma Cysts, E-coli, Coliform, Cholera, Legionaires Disease, Hepatitis Virus, Typhoid Fever, Dysentery, Infectious Jaundice, Influenza, Enteric Fever and many other unwanted Microorganisms to a 99.999 % purity.
  • UV System is NSF/ANSI 55 Class A Certified
  • Ultraviolet Lamp Output; 55,000 microwatt seconds per centimeter squared
  • Lamp Out Circuit, Auto shut-off valve stops water flow if UV light is not ON


  • The Aqua Tender™ SWP-1 is a Solar Powered, PV electrical producing system designed into the trailer structure with the solar PV panels on the roof
  • Trailer rooftop mount with 3 charging modes, TRICKLE, SLOW AND FAST 
  • A power driven, Security Shade is rolled over the top of the solar panel array and will prevent any vandalism, thief or protection from the elements
  • When the Aqua Tender™ SWP-1 is not in service, the solar array can be deployed and plugged into the local power grid and in most cases produce electricity that can be sold back to the local power company for faster payback
  • A backup generator is installed that will automatically turn on when Systems Batteries become lower than normal. Generator can used independently


    ENERSAC has a complete line for water treatment, purification, desalination and reverse osmosis systems designed for heavy or continuous service for use in commercial, industrial and custom applications, where the key is high quality and reliable performance.


    Desalination systems marketed by ENERSAC with reverse osmosis (RO) function are state of the art in water treatment industry. Our artistic designs optimize the efficiency, reliability, cost, water quality and provide a low cost per unit of water produced.

    Our Water Treatment Plants are designed by engineers to treat crude water and get a high quality product according to international standards and specifications. Applications include brackish water treatment and sea water desalination for industrial use or for human consumption.

    All our offers include:

    • Instrumentation diagram,
    • General drawings,
    • Engineering Documentation.

    Projects delivered include:

    • General layout of 3D drawing for all systems,
    • General Design & Architecture 3D plant with interconnecting piping,
    • Plant and system designs in 2D CAD, digital drawings,
    • Construction Specifications
    • Start-up
    • Personnel Training
    • Installation / operation / maintenance



    Modular water treatment equipped with all the necessary components. These skid-mounted systems allow attach them to each other for easy installation and maintenance.




    Solar Water Pump Systems

    Solar water pump systems can operate wherever the sun shines, and the more brightness, the more water production. This makes the sun the better energy source for pumping water. If your water source is far away from the power line, costs of refueling, repairing generators or windmills or other equipment, including time and transportation to the wells, will be huge. Now consider the savings with a pump that works with solar light and only needs attention every 5 to 10 years.  Photovoltaic systems have no moving parts that last for decades. With a good solar system design, your water pump can operate for years without any problems.

    Water is generally obtained by pumping from a lake, reservoir, river, shallow or deep wells, boreholes or boreholes. These pumping systems require power to operate and in many cases, the location where the water pumping should occur is not adequately served by electricity from the utility grid.

    There are no limits for the size of a solar water pumping system that you can build. A small solar pump requires less than 150 watts and can raise the water from depths over 200 feet (65m) and 1.5 gallons (5.7liters) per minute. On a sunny day, you can easy pump 900 gallons (3400 liters). That's enough to supply drinking water to 900 people at 1gallon / 3.7 liters per day.

    Electricity used to power water pumps is produced directly from the sunlight by solar modules, and in most cases it is sent directly to the pump. Unlike mechanical generators, solar modules have no moving parts to wear out or break off. Operate quietly without any combustion, contamination or waste. And because solar energy is produced from sunlight, there is not fuel supply to buy or transport. Solar modules and solar systems require low maintenance and can operate without supervision for long time periods. Some systems may also be designed to be lightweight and portable, allowing them to be moved to different locations to be used for other purposes.


    Let us know where you are located, the ground water table and your water needs.

    By analyzing your specific location variables, such as insulation average or wind speed, we can adapt the perfect system to match your application and local conditions.

    The pumping systems offered by ENERSAC are custom products. We will deliver your system as a complete solution, with submersible or surface pumps, controller, power supply and supporting structure. All our pumping systems are easy to install and use, even under the most difficult conditions.

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