Kinetic Hydropower

• The energy possessed by a body because of its motion
• The amount of energy depends on the mass and the velocity of the moving body
• Kinetic turbines create energy from flowing water with no head requirement


Turbine Overview

1. 3 fiberglass- reinforced rotor blades (Apoxy)
2. Underwater generator
3. Diffusor (HDPE*)
4. Floats
5. 4 anchor points
6. Stabilizing ring


Turbine Specification

• Nominal output: 5.0 kW at 2.75 m/s
• River speed: until 3.0 m/s
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 1850x1740x1970 mm
• Rotor diameter: 􀗎1000 mm
• Rotor speed: 90-230 rpm (closed circuit)
• Weight: 360kg (incl. floats)


Power Curve of Generator

Cost Effective Technology

• No special infrastructure necessary
• Baseload capability requiring little battery
• Low installation costs
• Low operation costs
• Scaleable from a singular turbine to hundreds


Environmentally Friendly

• No changes to river bed
• Slow turning generator (fish friendly)
• Replacing diesel thereby reducing C emissions
• Minimal audible disturbance
• Minimal space requirement
• Removable at any time

Market Segments

• Decentralized electrification
• Agriculture / irrigation canals
• Hybrid (grid connected / microgrid application)
• Temporary supply
• Expansion of existing hydropower stations (i.e. in outflow canals, etc.)


Impressions: Industrial Applications

Impressions: Decentralized Electrification



Renewable Energy Projects


Sustainable Energy Power System Current Programs



Wave Energy

0.5 to 1.5 MWe

Hydrokinetic Energy

50 to 250 kWe

Fish Friendly Hydroelectric

11 MWe

Wave Energy - Oceanlinx 600KW


1) As water enters the cavity, it displaces air which rushes out through air turbine

2) As wave passes the cavity it creates a vacuum pulling air in through air turbine

Hydrokinetic Power System – 70kW nominal

Originally designed for Hydro-Green Energy

Hydro Green Energy Hastings Hydroelectric Dam, Mississippi River- Number 2 Lock, Hastings, Minnesota

Hydrokinetic Turbine Development

Design, build-up, deployment, and test of first of its kind hydrokinetic system including sight analysis

75 kW Hydrokinetic Turbine Shown During Installation

Complete Turnkey Project Responsibility

• First-of-Its-Kind, Run-of-the River Hydrokinetic Turbine in US

• Complete System Designed in Wilder, VT, Facility

• Managed Entire Fabrication and Installation Process

• Multi-Unit Systems in Permitting Process


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