Solar Energy

ENERSAC sells the best products and provides turnkey solutions for solar power projects. We have the representation of the most prestigious brands on the world market.


Project Development:

1. Planning

2. Design and engineering

3. Development

4. Supervision

energia solar
energia solar

5. Training

6. Commissioning and final acceptance

7. Operation and maintenance

8. Project monitoring

Enersac offers: :

  1. Cutting edge technology.
  2. System optimized design as per your requirement.
  3. Cost effective solutions.


Our solar line comprises:

  1. Solar Panels from 10W to 400W, mono and poly crystalline.
  2. Inverters of all sizes.
  3. Controllers of all sizes.
  4. Batteries and battery banks.
  5. Solar Kits from 30W to 20kW complete with and without network connection.
  6. Mounting structures for roof and ground.
  7. Street Lights, solar and hybrid (solar / wind) and traffic signs.



Our technical team has done more than 1,300 projects with a total installed capacity of about 90 megawatts. You will benefit from our years of experience and our comprehensive service, so you can focus on your core business.

ENERSAC is your perfect partner: quick, personal, detailed, competent and flexible.

Our success is our best reference. We have experience in various markets, we operate internationally and are constantly growing. The great skill of our specialists is the solid cornerstone for lasting success.

We are proud that the outstanding commitment of our employees is the conviction that only honest and personal sustainable action ensures continued health of the environment. The growing number of satisfied customers and their positive reaction confirms the brilliant success of our service concept.



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