Why Ultra

Global electricity consumption and cost are continuing to increase year to year.

Organization are increasingly faced with an urgent need to reduce energy consumption and cost while ensuring key business processes remain unaffected - ULTRA provides a

simple solutions that delivers financial savings and reduces your environmental impact. Decreasing energy consumption is now not only a moral responsibility in terms of

protecting the environment, but with energy prices rising rapidly it is an economic necessity.

ULTRA´s power saving performance will significantly reduce your electricity costs by improving your current electrical system.

Revolutionary Technology

- The premier electric current optimization system

- Compensates for loss from resistance

- Explores the potential of electron movement

- Does not consume electricity

Ultra principale

How does ultra work

Case Study

How to install ultra

Simple installation, guaranteed performance


Ultra benefits

ULTRA operates most effectively in locations using a higher percentage of inductive loads.
- 60% or more of inductive load usage results in greater efficiency and saving rate.
- Inductive loads include equipment like refrigerators, motors, air aconditioners, compressors, washings machines and more.
ULTRA benefits for complex load
- energy consumption will be at leads 8% lower
- Most facilities use complex loads office buildings, factories, super markets, domestic residents and more.

Optimal ULTRA performance can be achieved in:
- Locations where the load factor exceeds 70%
- Load where the demand factor exceeds 60%
- Inductive loads where fluctuating current results in increased resistance

Working With us

What we do
. Diagnose your equipment
. Estimate your potential savings rate
. Calculate your ROI
. Examine the existing trend of your electricity consumption
. Suggest a revenue model
. Analyze the present condition of your electricity . Consumption through monthly monitoring.

Certifications for KESECO ULTRA


Ultra models


Ultra specifications





Because of the special characteristics of Ultra energy saving device , it is not necessary to perform specific maintenance tasks , however , whether it is advisable to perform a series of preventive work to ensure proper device operation.
- Regularly check the outside of the device . If you have any damage , contact your authorized service point .
- Check the condition of the fastening system of the device.
- Check the condition and firmness of the wiring connecting the device to the electrical panel
- Ensure that potential maintenance or revision of the electrical panel not alter or modify the device's connection to it.
- In case of increase electrical system capacity , consult a service technician to the possible replacement of the device with a larger capacity .
- Do not exceed the product specifications .

Specifications of Ultra

The extreme conditions of heat, cold and moisture can damage the device, so that to avoid this, should not exceed the following conditions:
- Maximum temperature range : -40 º C ~ + 2 70 + 2 ° C.
- Maximum relative humidity range : 75 + 3 + 3 % ~ 93 %.



Business Field

Comparative Advantage

Comparing ULTRA


Study Case

• On June of 2009 a model ULTRA U-500 was installed in Mitera Clinic, Greece.

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