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KVAR Energy Savings Group, Inc. is the only company in the world that owns patents measuring devices (Sizing Units US1, US2 and US3) and the measurement method KVAR Power Factor Optimization ™ Solutions


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Warranty: 12 years

Expected savings 6% - 10%
By installing a KVAR EC™ adjacent to your electrical panel you will be optimizing the way all motors operate in your home.

This means that all motors that allow your fridge, dishwasher, garbage disposal unit, microwave, clothes washing machine and dryer, furnace, thermo pump, air conditioner, pool pump, garage door opener and water pump to operate will work more efficiently, cooler and last longer.

Make your home more efficient by using the original KVAR Energy Controller (KVAR EC™).
Our company is where it all started. We own the patent that allows to determine in just a few minutes the type of energy controller that you need to save energy day in and day out.



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Warranty: 5 years

Expected savings 6% - 17%

Some KVAR ECs® equipped facilities provide even greater levels of demand and energy savings. In fact, the simple payback of your investment in KVAR ECs® typically ranges from 6 months to 3 years. Our KVAR EC™s will work wonders on rooftop air conditioning systems, water pumps, fans and inductive motors.

The KVAR Survey is conducted by qualified electricians using our patent protected sizing apparatus. We conduct sizing of motors to determine reactive load requirements, so we may optimize individual motor loads or facilities loads for unity Power Factor (PF). Upon completion of the KVAR Survey, the sizing sheets are sent to our manufacturing facilities in Daytona Beach, Florida for processing and fabrication.




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Warranty: 5 years

Whether you are in the food and beverage, pulp and paper, automotive, metals and mining, refinery, chemical, waste water management or other industry sectors that use inductive motors, you will realize power bill savings ranging from 6% to 25%. In some cases, you may get even higher levels of savings.

We know because we have customers that have totally eliminated their demand charges, thereby significantly improving their bottom line.

After all, we are the only corporation that owns the patent on the sizing apparatus and procedure required to effectively optimize Power Factor (PF) to unity (1.0 PF). We optimize motors of all sizes with up to 600 volts service.



KVAR Energy Controller


Although global warming has been a long-standing, universal issue, only within the past decade has it become a widespread concern for governments and the marketplace. These days its all about being cleaner and greener, sustainable and responsible, energy wise.

Recognizing a need for lowering electric consumption as a market niche, in 1995 KVAR Energy Savings, Inc. (KVAR Corp.), a Florida State corporation, began manufacturing and distributing the KVAR Energy Controller (KVAR EC™).

The KVAR EC™ is a cost effective product that reduces electric consumption and spans through the residential, commercial and industrial markets, specifically all electrical service from 600 volts and below. The tangible results of using the KVAR ECs™ are real savings on energy bills, reduction in demand for electric utilities, decreased line losses and carbon emissions.


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The KVAR Corp. patented scientific method and apparatus used to size the exact amount of capacitance required to bring power factor to unity, provides great accuracies and time to size efficiencies. The three KVAR sizing units available simplify the process of determining the amount of capacitance that is needed to optimize motor loads. There is no requirement for equipment charts, specifications and expansive modeling. The entire sizing process is conducted on-site by tuning the electrical system from the inductive equipment back through the electric utility meter.

The PF optimization of the electric system reduces energy consumption for the utility customer, reduces demand on the electric grid, and reduces line losses and carbon footprint. Once the electricians have completed the sizing procedure, they simply forward the requirements to our manufacturing plant in Daytona Beach and custom equipment is built to suit the on-site sizing that was conducted.

The KVAR Corp. also produces Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) KVAR ECs™. Our energy controllers reclaim, store and supply power to inductive motors and loads. Considering all induction loads consume two kinds of power: Reactive power and working power of kilowatt. The working power performs the work of the motor. The only function of reactive power is to develop the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) to ground the induction windings of the motor. The KVAR EC™ stores the reactive power needed to create EMFs within the inductive loads. As the motor operates, this reactive power is pulled and pushed to and from the KVAR EC™ by the motor. Reactive motor is now reclaimed and recycled by the KVAR EC™ resulting in such power being supplied on the spot. Since reactive power is supplied locally, motors run cooler and more efficiently. This results in dollar savings on your energy bill in terms of energy and electric demand being saved, and longer equipment life. Commonly, on inductive loads, electricity does not travel efficiently because there are several inherent losses within the electric grid.




The National Electric Code (NEC) requires that every wire, every circuit breaker, distribution panel and transformer must be at least 125% oversized. This results in most motors being lightly loaded; therefore increasing the amount of electrical losses at the loads and throughout the electrical system. By using KVAR ECs™, energy losses are reduced on the load side of the utility transformer through the optimization of the PF of individual inductive loads. The measured overall effect on individual applications varies. Because we test the PF before and after, we are able to determine the requirement or non-requirement for a KVAR EC™, with potential customers having full knowledge of the efficiency of their electric system.

Our KVAR Distributors are bound to install KVAR ECs™ only when an estimated 6% of savings will accrue to the customer. Typical savings for residential units will vary from 6% to 10%; commercial from 6% to 17%; and industrial from 6% to 25%. We also have a long list of deployments that exceed these benchmarks. Our satisfied customers span the globe and are found in most business sectors. Customer testimonials, including billing evidence, datasets and sector-by-sector references are available upon request. Area-wide deployments of KVAR EC™ will significantly reduce demand placed on the electric grid. Utilities will also reduce both transformer and line losses. All KVAR EC™ equipped customers will also benefit from reduce power bills. For customers subjected to demand charges and PF penalties, they will be reduced or eliminated. Working in conjunction with electric utilities, the KVAR Corp. helps prepare and coordinate energy efficiency programs suited to the individual requirements of the utility and their customer base.


KVAR in Manufacturing, Mining and Agriculture

 KVAR has reduced costs in the industry, significantly reducing energy consumption of pumps, conveyors, mill engines (for production and processing of minerals), refrigerators, compressors (used for refrigeration and cold storage of meat, milk, etc.).


Positive Impact on the Environment

Take for example, the installation of 1,000 KVAR energy controllers in selected dwellings by a municipality as a "pilot project" or "feasibility study". The result of such a project would have the effect of saving on electricity 80MVA power grid in the nation (assuming average use per household 800kwh MT x minimum of 10% energy savings with KVAR EC ™ ®). To put into perspective a similar project, installing 10,000 KVAR energy controllers could have the effect of restoring electricity to 800MVA power grid nationwide. Such a move would be equivalent to building two generating medium or install a generator - to a mere fraction of the cost - with absolutely no environmental consequences or ecological factors, which otherwise it might have to be taken into account in mitigation for impact environmental!



Electric bill without KVAR EC™

Using our KVAR EC ™ equipment in factories, mines, department stores, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, sports, etc.., Its electricity consumption will decrease significantly, especially in industrial and mining facilities, where motors and pumps could up to 75% + of electricity costs!!



Electric bill with KVAR EC™



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