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kvar coldThe power factor correction (PFC) has found widespread use in commercial applications in both industrial and office complexes as in power distribution networks in proximity to commercial customers. Today, residential, PFC also is becoming a very popular solution.


The company EDELNOR electricity distributor in Peru, is a pioneer in PFC to residential. Initial efforts to improve the power factor capacitor banks started with medium voltage transformers installed in high and medium voltage substations. Once achieved this and meet the growing demand, Edelnor began exploring the benefits of the implementation of PFC in networks low voltage distribution as close to the consumer as possible.

KVAR Energy Savings, Inc., (Daytona, FL) has developed an adequate system of capacitors to meet the requirements for residential PFC. The capacitors "HomeCap" KVAR provide the smallest diameter possible, ready to be connected and installed within the meter box.

Pressure in the Energy sector

Power Factor

Deregulation and restructuring the energy market and the constant increase in energy costs have put enormous pressure on the providers of these services. In order to improve the efficiency of the electrical system and create additional capacity, the authorities began to implement incentives for Power Factor Correction. Electricity distribution companies must achieve minimum energy factors or face sanctions.

Nuevas Soluciones

nuevas soluciones

Therefore, this new solution raises KVAR to explore the benefits of implementing the PFC in low voltage distribution networks, as close to consumers as possible in private residences, where access can not be controlled.

Pilot Project - Case Study

The pioneer in PFC to residential is a power distributor in Peru: EDELNOR. In order to improve the power factor, EDELNOR banks started with medium voltage transformers installed in medium and high voltage. EDELNOR Once obtained the desired power factors and continued growing demand for electricity could observe that under this same mode returns were diminishing.

Network Analysis

This is the reason why EDELNOR began to explore the benefits of deploying networks PFC in low voltage distribution as close to the consumer as possible. In 2001, a pilot project began with the installation of 4800 kvar in 26,000 households Princesses (north of Lima). Were analyzed networks related to 250 kVA transformers 10:0.22 kV.


The only obstacle to residential PFC was the lack of a suitable capacitor that was standardized for installation in the electrical meter box.



To meet these requirements, engineers KVAR Energy Saving, Inc have developed the "HomeCap": number of capacitors in private residences. Not only meet all specifications EDELNOR, but also other additional security features:

  • Funda  para la lata de aluminio
  • Top case para cubrir los terminales
  • Aislado internamente
  • Cable fuerte con doble aislamiento
  • Dispositivo de seguridad interno: desconectado por sobrepresión
  • Auto-sanación

homecap kvar


Return investment

The "HomeCap" KVAR has a high shelf life (up to 100,000 hours) resulting in a very short return on investment. For EDELNOR, for example, saving a total of about 19,300 MWh per year means a saving of about U.S. $ 900,000 (with 2001 rates), saving not only for the company but also for end customers.

It is noteworthy that the benefits of PFC to residential go far beyond the cost-savings. Because the PFC reduces the current load distribution equipment, power distribution companies are able to postpone investments to increase its power system and expand the capacity of the network. In addition, the PFC is to significantly improve network voltage.

Priorities for the 21st Century

Certainly the residential PFC based on the "HomeCap" KVAR is a model for countries and regions with a high proportion of airlines and that depends on the charging structure. Of course, each supplier must assess their needs based on the characteristics of your network. Advances such as residential PFC will be of the highest priority in the XXI century, if electricity distributors want to efficiently provide quality levels of service required by customers. They will have to develop innovations and new products in order to compete in the electricity market.

Edelnor summary

  • Power Factor substations improved from 0.84 to 0.93.
  • voltage profiles in MV distribution networks and improved BT without surges.
  • The levels of imbalance of voltages and currents are maintained at previous levels, before installation of the capacitors.
  • Voltage level of harmonic distortion in the low voltage side of the transformer increased on average by 1%, but still below the regulation limits.
  • reactive compensation optimizes the use BT (more kW can be connected) BT transformers and distribution components.


The energy market is changing rapidly. New energy suppliers are coming and competition is increasing. Not only is there a demand for lower prices, there are also quality and energy efficiency. Achieving a minimum power factor regulated by authorities in many countries is a greater reason to seek appropriate solutions providers.

With the development of "HomeCap" KVAR provides a capacitor suitable for mounting on standard electrical panels: the smallest possible diameter, easy to install and safe to operate in a residential setting.

The recommendations and proposals expressed in this paper are (among others) according to various international standards PFC switching design BT and electricity:

• IEC60831: LV PFC Capacitor Standard

• IEC61921: Power Capacitors LV PFC Banks

• DIN EN61921: Leistungskondensatoren Kondensatorbatterien zur Korrektur des Niederspannungsleistungsfaktors

• EN 50160: Voltage Characteristics of Electricity supplied by Public Distribution Systems

• Engineering Recommendation G5/4: Planning levels for harmonic voltage distortion and the connection of non-linear equipment to transmission systems and distribution networks in the United Kingdom

• IEEE Std. 519-1992: IEEE Recommended practices and requirements for harmonic control in electrical power systems

• IEC60439-1/2/3: Low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies

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